Addiction Medicine

Mission Statement To educate the CNU community on the dynamics of Addiction Medicine, providing medical students with a comprehensive understanding of the field's rich potential. By immersing students in the realm of Addiction Medicine even before their clerkship experiences, our group aims to empower them with insights that facilitate thoughtful career choices.

Goals & Objectives for 2023-2024: 

1. Resource Exploration Event: Organize an engaging event that familiarizes medical  students with specialized resources tailored for physicians in the field of Addiction Medicine, such as IDAA (International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous) and Al-Anon.  Through interactive sessions and expert insights, we aim to enhance students' awareness  of vital tools that can aid them in effectively addressing addiction-related challenges  within the medical community.    

2. COVID's Impact on Addiction Medicine: Host an insightful event centered around  the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on addiction medicine. By bringing in  addiction medicine physicians to share their perspectives and experiences, we intend to  provide a comprehensive understanding of how the pandemic has influenced addiction  treatment, patient care, and healthcare systems. This event will facilitate informed  discussions and inspire innovative approaches to address evolving challenges in addiction  medicine.    

3. Community Awareness and Advocacy: Spearhead awareness campaigns to raise public consciousness about Addiction Medicine and its associated illnesses through the lens of harm reduction. Collaborating with relevant SIGs, AMIG aims to contribute to   meaningful causes while advocating for improved resources, research, and support for individuals struggling with addiction. Through proactive community engagement, we aspire to create a lasting positive impact and promote holistic approaches to addiction care.