Our mission is to serve as a platform for CNU students to explore surgical careers and gain information and skills to become successful future surgeons! We advocate for student surgical education and career interests by facilitating on-campus activities intended to foster technical advancement and intellectual excellence. These activities include hands-on skills workshops like suture clinics, seminars with surgeons of various specialties, networking opportunities and Q&As with CNU M3s and M4s, and more!

Goals and objectives for 2023-2024:

During CNU's 2022 Diversity in Medicine Summer Camp, members of Surgery SIG hosted a suture clinic workshop for the undergraduate camp attendees. This workshop was ran similarly to the "suture basics" workshop hosted for 1st and 2nd year medical students and covered techniques such as the simple interrupted suture, simple continuous suture, and knot tying. Surgery SIG hopes to continue fostering student interest in medicine and the surgical field through workshops, presentations, and mixers.