Mission Statement to foster an interest and understanding of the specialty of anesthesiology among medical students. 

Goals & Objectives for 2023-2024

1. Increase students’ understanding on the field of anesthesiology 

2. Provide information for students on what they can do if interested in anesthesiology 

3. Provide training sessions for students on skills they might need for pursuing anesthesiology


2023-2024 Board Members

"Are you tired from studying all day? Does your back hurt like never before from all that reading and chair sitting? Come join the Anesthesiology interest group in learning about anesthesia techniques such as nerve blocks, IV anesthetics, and pain medication that could but shouldn't be used to treat you. The Anesthesiology Interest Group in CNUCOM aims to provide an avenue for enthusiastic students to connect with established mentors and pursue activities such as research, shadowing, and workshops."


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