American Muslim Medical Student Association (AMMSA)

Mission Statement to empower American Muslim medical students by providing opportunities for excellence in spiritual growth, professional development, and community building. 

Goals & Objectives for 2023-2024

1. Hosting Ramadan Iftar in April 2024 

2. Educating our students and community about the significance of hijab during World’s Hijab Day.  

3. Host Rose Day in which we educate our community of Islamic values through sharing teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  

4. Complete and submit the requirements to become an official chapter of AMMSA national.  

"The American Muslim Medical Student Association was created to provide a sense of community for Muslims along with those of other faiths at COM who are united by their passion for healthcare and their yearn to grow in their faith. Some of our most successful events this past year included World Hijab Day and an Iftar Banquet in collaboration with CHS MSA. In the future, we hope to put out more service learning opportunities (through Al-Misbaah and CAIR), bring in guest speakers (ie. Muslim Women in Medicine Panel), arrange social dinners to network with other physicians in Sacramento, and furnish our very own prayer room! Our vision as an American Muslim Medical Student Association is to bring together people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, all the while portraying Islam in a positive light."


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