Clínica Tepati

"Clínica Tepati is a student-run clinic in Sacramento that caters to the underserved Latinx community. We host in-person clinic days every Saturday, as well as Thursday telehealth clinics. At CNU, Tepati hosts skills workshops to develop physical exam, medical charting, and blood draw skills. Medical student also have the opportunity to mentor undergraduate volunteers as part of the Clínica Tepati Mentorship Program.

Clínica Tepati operates under a three-part mission of healthcare, education, and advocacy. We provide essential healthcare services and health education to the underserved Latinx community. This inclusive environment fosters educational exchange between CNU medical students, UC Davis medical students and undergraduates, University of the Pacific pharmacy students, and local healthcare professionals. Through first-hand clinical experiences, each student continues to grow into a conscientious and compassionate healthcare leader. Additionally, Clínica Tepati connects both patients and students with positive role models and mentors within healthcare. Finally, Clínica Tepati volunteers go beyond providing the standard of care by advocating for recent immigrant patients, serving as both linguistic and cultural interpreters."

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